Points to Ponder

This page is dedicated to short thoughts on points of Scripture, raising some questions for us all to think about on doctrines that have generally been taught and accepted in Christendom. These are questions we have faced, ourselves, and for which we find reasons to post for your discussion and thought.

Anything's Clean


Forsake Not the Assembly

Free From the Law

From Unclean to Clean in an Instant?

Grace vs. "the Law"

Healing or Prevention?

Hebrews 10:28

I'm not Jewish

Is Obedience to Torah Legalism?

Is the Bible true?

Jew or Gentile?

The Law Has Been Done Away

"Law" Obsolete?

New Testament Believers and Old Testament Dietary Laws

Nine Commandments?

No One is Above the Law

Nothing Unclean in God's Temple

 Old Testament vs. New Testament
One Word or Two?

Picking and Choosing


Saturday or Sunday?

Saved From Sin

So, Just What IS "the Church"?

The Perfect Man

Why Is Keeping Torah Important?

Why Keep the Torah?

WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?

 Y'shua Died for Our Sins